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Blues, greens and everything in between. Inspired by the kaleidoscope of hues found in leafy foliage, cool-toned stones in contemporary settings are as refreshing as they are wearable.

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Teal Ring
Teal Ring $300.00 USD
Teal Floret Earrings
Teal Floret Earrings $230.00 USD
Teal Corsage Ring
Teal Corsage Ring $495.00 USD
Teal Floret Ring
Teal Floret Ring $190.00 USD

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The latest styles from our ROSA collection

Teal Necklace
Teal Necklace $265.00 USD
Rose Ring
Rose Ring $115.00 USD
Eden Necklace
Eden Necklace $495.00 USD
Sepal Earrings
Sepal Earrings $350.00 USD