Arc Earrings (Silver) $130.00 USD
Arc Necklace (Silver) $175.00 USD
Graphic Hoops (Silver) $195.00 USD
Marquis Ring (Silver) $150.00 USD
Marquis Necklace (Silver) $175.00 USD
Scribble Earring Trio (Silver) $180.00 USD
Thin Scribble Ring (Silver) $260.00 USD
Single Scribble Ring (Silver) $150.00 USD
Scribble Ring (Silver) $295.00 USD
Scribble Egg Earrings (Silver) $295.00 USD
Large Scribble Egg Earrings (Silver) $520.00 USD
Scribble Egg Necklace (Silver) $225.00 USD
Scribble Ear Cuff (Silver) $150.00 USD
Scribble Necklace (Silver) $175.00 USD
Sequin Choker $195.00 USD
Scribble Sequin Choker $280.00 USD
Optical Earring (Silver) $380.00 USD
Large Optical Earring (Silver) $395.00 USD
Small Disc Ring (Silver) $175.00 USD
Oval Chain Earring (Silver and Black Diamond) $295.00 USD
Long Foam Earring (Silver) $325.00 USD
Long Face Earring (Silver) $260.00 USD
Face Earring (Silver) $150.00 USD
Face Necklace (Silver) $245.00 USD
Diamond Pin Ring (Silver and White Diamond) $290.00 USD