The Tenor collection is inspired by natural energy and light.

The range is composed of pieces that have been forged and shaped to a tapered finish; handmade in precious metals and featuring white and black diamonds. 

Tenor Collection
Tenor Collection

meridian_earring_yellow_gold, Meridian Necklace (Gold) $395.00, tri_liberty_ring_yellow_gold

Style: meridian_earring_yellow_gold, meridian_necklace_yellow_gold, tri_liberty_ring_yellow_gold

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Aura Earring (Gold) $235.00 USD
Aura Hoop (Gold) $110.00 USD
Aura Hoop (Silver) $80.00 USD
Aura Necklace (Gold) $330.00 USD
Aura Necklace (Silver) $170.00 USD
Petite Diamond Ring (Gold) $240.00 USD