Born from the inspirations, experiences and memories of SARAH & SEBASTIAN Co-Founder and Creative Director, Sarah Gittoes, the Iconography collection nods to international cities, cultural clichés and personal stories which have made an impact on the designer. A single shoe signifies to a sneaker obsession beginning in New York City, a miniature llama suggests a memorable exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria while a pendant of the word “kawaii” remembers a catchphrase used by the youth of Japan.

The petite charms, all created in solid 9k yellow gold, hold incredible detail considering their miniature size and feature lettering, wire elements and precious stones. A specially-designer necklace is also available featuring a heavier chain and a twist-like closure allowing wearers to easily add or remove charms as they wish.
Iconography Chain Necklace (Gold) $465.00 USD
Iconography Hoop Earring (Gold) $110.00 USD
Iconography Wine Charm (Gold) $245.00 USD
Iconography Sneaker Charm $195.00 USD
Iconography Hanger Charm (Gold) $175.00 USD
Iconography Kawaii Charm (Gold) $195.00 USD
Iconography Camera Charm (Gold) $195.00 USD
Iconography Camera Charm (Gold and Black Diamond) $245.00 USD
Iconography Smoking Kills Charm (Gold) $245.00 USD
Iconography Llama Charm (Gold) $195.00 USD
Iconography Knot Charm (Gold) $195.00 USD