SKIN is an exploration of the outermost layer’s transformative nature, an intrinsic balance of textures executed by self-manifestation. Inspired by the illuminated properties of sea creatures' skin, each piece within the collection is designed to interact with and augment the body.

SIREN is both a celebration of the beguiling beauty of the ocean and a signal alerting to the devastation being caused to reefs and endangered marine life. It’s a body of design personal to our Creative Director, not only reflecting a cause close to her heart but featuring cast shells and shark teeth she’s found whilst diving.

CORE, the nuance of everlasting taste, is our permanent collection that doesn’t delve into trends, but rather aims to create a sense of timelessness. These refined silhouettes are designed to fit into your everyday lifestyle, emanating true self-expression.

CELESTIAL illuminates the twelve zodiac constellations; remote incandescent bodies unchanged for thousands of years. Whether you seek the predictions of your birth horoscope or look to your rising sign, it’s written in the stars.