METALLURGY, a genderless collection, studying precious metal in a state of change; from molten liquid to solidification. 
The cast form of a gold bullion is realised in a series of signet rings, solidifying and slumping into rounded and oval iterations. These precious metal bars inform hand carved wax pendants, each with its own unique surface of imperfections. Elongated chain links in their raw state speak to the elemental purity of bullion and the shape of these metal bars. 

 In reference to the process of pouring gold and silver, silhouettes are organic, wrapped and contoured to interact with the body and hardened in precious alloys. Voids are exposed, revealing diamonds and sapphires. The antithesis to our signature fine aesthetic, each piece in the collection has heft,  designed to be gender neutral. 


The METALLURGY collection is handcrafted in the SARAH & SEBASTIAN Sydney workshop using Australian, recycled gold and silver. 

Marking its authenticity, each piece is engraved with SARAH & SEBASTIAN and its origin of Australia.